Has anyone added a custom footer to Discourse?

Hi everyone,

Props to whomever can help. Does anyone customized the footer of Discourse to include copyright text, links, etc.?

I am looking to do this for my site but honestly cannot figure out how to properly code the footer to where it looks and works good.

All help is appreciated, right now it feels like my Discourse site is “pantless”. :frowning:


Ours is just basic centered text so not much to help you with there. Do you have any kind of graphic mockup of what you’d like to achieve?

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Just go to Admin, Customize, CSS/HTML, Bottom, and put your links in there :slight_smile:


Perhaps some fancy social media icons with text would work fine… I am checking http://codecanyon.net also in hopes of finding something potential to work with the site…

Thanks for your reply!

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Cool. Once you figure out the HTML you need, adding it shouldn’t be too difficult using the steps @riking mentioned above.

Hi. I recently found the footers over at BootSnipp http://bootsnipp.com/tags/footer?page=1 and wanted to use one of these in my own Discourse forum. Bootsnipp separates HTML, CSS, Javascript - so it is easy to cut’n paste that code into the Customize sections of my Discourse.

I tried several but each one does not center on my Discourse. I thought there might be a conflict among generic tag names (like “row” or “container” - so I tried adding “footer-” to the front, but that did not help.)

There seem to be at least 2 issues:

  1. the centering doesn’t seem to work
  2. the CSS columns effect also does not work.

Is there a setting I can change in my Discourse Settings area to allow these effects to happen in the footer? Should I be using certain tag names?

I hope to add links to websites related to my forum down there. I may also try adding a banner zone like I used to have in our pre-Discourse days.

Here are a few examples

If you want to center your footer, either use flex to do it yourself, or use the “container” class.


Updated instructions for how to find this in 2020

  1. Hamburger > Settings > Customize > [Select a Theme] > “Edit CSS/HTML” button > Footer
  2. Enter your custom HTML in the box and hit ‘Save’.
  3. Repeat for each Theme that users can select.

A decent, basic copyright section

I started with the following HTML for my copyright footer, which I thought worked well for both the default light and dark themes:

<div style="text-align: center; color: #999; font-size: 90%; padding: 2em 0;">
Copyright &copy; 2020 INSERT YOUR COMPANY HERE. All rights reserved.

Automatically updating the year

Of course, I don’t want to have to change the year in the footer every 12 months, so I’ve ugpraded it to have this HTML in the footer:

<div style="text-align: center; color: #999; font-size: 90%; padding: 2em 0;">
Copyright &copy; <span id="footer-copyright-current-year"></span> INSERT YOUR COMPANY HERE. All rights reserved.

And this in the </body> section (probably not the ideal code, but I’m new to hacking Discourse):

    function setCopyrightYear() {
        var el = document.getElementById("footer-copyright-current-year");
        if (el) {
            el.innerHTML = new Date().getFullYear();
        } else {
            setTimeout(setCopyrightYear, 100);
    document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", setCopyrightYear);

Again, you need to copy/paste it to every theme where you want it to show up.


Someone has just told me that on their Discourse instance, it’s:
Hamburger > Admin > Settings > …

On our instance (hosted by Discourse) it’s not necessary to go to Admin first.

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Wow …nice theme from smartthings .
Wich theme are using ? is a custom header i see…

The Open Energy Modelling Initiative uses a custom footer on our forum with our licensing terms and clickable links to other services:

I think this is quite helpful and also useful in a legal context.

We also of course solicit for consent for these licensing terms at the time of registration: