Has anyone created a News site using Discourse as a CMS?

I’m thinking of using discourse for a news blog / site. Since discourse has membership, comments, voting etc all built in, this is a no brainer.

So I am wondering if anyone has used discourse as a news blog / site. The home page / landing page would obviously need to be heavily customized to show the thumbnail from latest posts, which would then link to the single post view.

Each “Topic” in discouse would be equivalent to a News item / blog post I guess? Doable?

Let me know :slight_smile:

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You can embed comments but replies have to be made from the forum.

I run a news/bloggy site based solely on Discourse, happy to describe how it’s done.


I checked out your site. Amazing! More or less what I was wondering was possible with Discourse.
Had to use google translate though :wink:

Congratulation on a job well done. How did you do it? Did you customize the UI yourself?

The site I have in mind is more rich media like videos and pics, so I would want to have quite a bit of customization of the “theme”.

Also, how do you handle the postings? By that, I mean have to placed some sort of restrictions on user signup roles so they can only comment on stories and fav etc. Pretty much do everything except being able to post to the new section - cost that I am assuming is what you are doing by yourself?

Would love to know more about how you went about it. If you want to PM me, or need my email let me know


Thanks, so the site is done using a combination of custom css changes and a few key plugins listed just here:

  • Topic List Previews for the thumbnails on the lists
  • Sidebar Blocks (which I wrote and maintain, there are some features on my site that aren’t yet merged in the master branch of the plugin yet)
  • and then some css styling to adjust the column sizes, change the fonts, colors etc

The postings: I accept postings from users, since this is a community blog, but new posts get moderated. There is a setting for moderating first posts from users called approve new topics unless trust level. I set this to a high number. If you want to disable completely, you could hide the New Topic button for certain user levels.


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