Has anyone tried adding discobot functionality into system?

Has anyone tried combining @discobot functionality into @system?

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Could you explain why this would be beneficial?

I’m not sure this is a #support question at all. More a question of of ‘if I mix x with y will it explode’?


You are right. I’m wondering because users don’t use Discobot, but system is already a great way to post content and maintain a sort of sudo profile that doesn’t have to be a specific individual.

It makes sense that users would have familiarity with system as a bot to ask questions. Ehh, cheers.

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Part of the benefit of Discobot is that it can be customized, the name, avatar and responses can all be changed.

I think it might create confusion to have an interactive bot that can respond to very specific topics, but at the same time is sending every communiqué. There won’t be any obvious delineation between which topics Discobot can or can’t respond to.


Thanks for the thoughts. I have customized the bot a lot already so I decided the simplest fix is:

  • Change the name to helpbot
  • Create a help group that anyone can join/leave to track questions.
  • Mention @helpbot within the group page, pinned welcome post, and elsewhere.

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