Has Discourse thought about the financial data initiative?

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1- Reasons for question

  • Many open source companies have the financial data initiative with the aim of having greater corporate transparency. An example of this that we can cite is Redhat
  • New partners and even investors or customers may find this solution interesting as they can visualize what is happening internally with Discourse
  • I didn’t find any topic that talks about this, so I open this topic to talk about this question I had just now

2- Who uses open financial data?

  • Technology companies, governments, usually banks and medium or large companies that want greater corporate governance

3- Why open financial data is interesting for Discourse?

  1. Greater transparency - Because customers or partners can see how Discourse works, numbers and cash inflows and outflows
  2. Shows society that there is corporate governance. This is interesting, as it allows anyone to audit. If something is wrong, corporate governance can be called in to clear up these wrong details for the purpose of debugging or controlling - i.e. preventing it from happening again. As with open source, anyone can audit a code and check for any errors or failures. The same thing happens with the open financial data initiative, it’s auditing the financial numbers. Anyone can audit open financial data and report the clarification of this data to the company. This is an interesting measure that forces the company to do something, as I said, whether it’s debugging or controlling. The company can further minimize the risks and think of ways to prevent something from happening again.
  3. This raises the level of partnership and customers as customers or partners can track what has happened in the company - their financial data is open. This raises the level of credibility and reputation.
  4. Companies, banks, governments can evaluate your financial data too

4- What is open financial data?

Open data for finance is where data is shared among financial institutions with limited effort or manipulation. Digital finance has many aspects that can improve the workings of emerging economies and further the cause of sustainable development.

5- Notes

  1. I’m not criticizing Discourse, just thinking of something futuristic.
  2. Some companies like Redhat are already doing this, governments too
  3. This is a question and not a feature request.
  4. I am not comparing Discourse with Red Hat, my goal is to analyze if there is any Discourse planning for the Open Data Finance initiative. I just cite the example of RedHat as a technology company that has the open financial data initiative, my goal is not to compare, it’s just to analyze, know or see if Discourse has thought about it, something similar to how RedHat did I just want to make this clear

6- References from research I read to write this post

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What is your question? I’m not really following the request.

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@HAWK I was asking if Discourse has a corporate governance plan based on open financial data like RedHat. In turn, the @Falco showed a link that talks about the Discourse co-founder interview.

  • I think that many of my questions about corporate governance based on open financial data can be answered by the link that the @Falco showed.

We do not, and we don’t have any plans to do so at this time.

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Thanks for the feedback and also for the patience, with that the question has been answered ;D

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