Has Turkish translation ever been finished?

Hi all, I’m a community manager from Turkey and we are looking for a Turkish community platform we can use. We know that some did a Turkish translation of the Discourse but it was not completed. Can anyone give me an update on that? Or who can I contact?

Hello and welcome @NDGA :slight_smile:

I think the Turkish translation is quite thorough, if I’m reading the Crowdin record properly:

Details at Turkish | Discourse Translations


Thank you!

I’m a little new to this so please bear with me. Does this mean that we have the Discourse platform in Turkish and I can contact the sales about how to move forward?

It’s looking like both the core and plugin translations are at 99% so it should be a pretty smooth experience. :+1: You can spin up a free trial at Discourse pricing | Discourse - Civilized Discussion and check it out if you fancy?


You’re amazing, thank you!

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