Have AI check for inappropriate post or at least words and flag the post


Have AI check for inappropriate post or at least words and flag the post.

Just read an entire topic of frustrated users, while many were able to convey their frustration in an appropriate manner, some were going out of their way to get attention, albeit the wrong attention.

Having had to read all of the post was time consuming and even more time consuming to flag and take action. Yes I used the moderator perk that only takes two clicks per topic to flag and take action immediately.


This is, indeed, one of the features.


Yes, thanks.

Asked because I am a moderator on the OpenAI site and they do have the Discourse AI plugin running. Since I am not an admin on the site will need get their feedback and input as this would be of benefit for the site.

Side note: Being an admin on one site and being able to see all of the Discourse settings is nice. But then being a moderator on another site and knowing about such and not being able to see the setting is really frustrating. I don’t expect moderators to be given the right to change settings but being able to at least see them as read-only would make it easier at times. This would also include being able to see other options besides just the Discourse settings, settings such as themes and plugins would be desired. :slightly_smiling_face:

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