Have everyone watching the group inbox


I just found out that group inboxes are tracked by default and not watched. I thought messages are treated like personal messages and thus, watched by default.

Is there a setting to change the default notification settings for group inboxes? How can I make everyone watching its groups that already got an account?

Thank you!


Maybe I have found something:


So I could try this one in the rails console to correct already the setting for existing users? Of course, I would need to loop over all relevant groups.

group = Group.find_by_name(group_name)
GroupUser.where(group_id: group.id).update_all(notification_level: GroupUser.notification_levels[:level])

There is a per user setting which anyone can change at the top right:

ATM there is no way to set a default per group.


There is still no way to default watch a group.

I raised this here:

Current thinking is that we are open to adding an automatic, optional “welcome to the group” type PM so at least you can teach people about this when you add them to the group.

I think allowing mods to set defaults makes sense, but also agree that “welcome to the group” is a better first step.