Have everyone watching the group inbox

(Robert) #1


I just found out that group inboxes are tracked by default and not watched. I thought messages are treated like personal messages and thus, watched by default.

Is there a setting to change the default notification settings for group inboxes? How can I make everyone watching its groups that already got an account?

Thank you!

Watching group PMs by default
(Robert) #2

Maybe I have found something:

So I could try this one in the rails console to correct already the setting for existing users? Of course, I would need to loop over all relevant groups.

group = Group.find_by_name(group_name)
GroupUser.where(group_id: group.id).update_all(notification_level: GroupUser.notification_levels[:level])

(Sam Saffron) #3

There is a per user setting which anyone can change at the top right:

ATM there is no way to set a default per group.