Header bar: improvements?

While thinking what can be the best way to [make badges more discoverable] (Making badges more discoverable) i realize that a lot of information are hidden because of the “mobile menu”.
Is there any reason why hamburger menu is shown also on larger screen?

I would definetely see a lot of improvement in this area of the app.
We could show on top some more important information like:

  • badges icons
  • notifications (why notifications are together with perosnal setting?)
  • admin (if you are an admin)

And i would definetly re-organize some of the dropdown menu.
I don’t see much of relation between single pages like FAQ, About and Categories, Last, New, Badges (here they are!!), Tags, …

And the serach bar could be displayed next to the icon. Any particular reason why is displayed below and is not 100% width (or at leats longer)?

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There’s a lot of thoughts expressed here which would be much better communicated with some simple UX mockups :wink:

We did it to reduce the number of glyphs; it’s a huge space saver on mobile. We’ve had no complaints about this after the change, and I find it to be quite intuitive:

  • Search
  • Navigation
  • “All about me”

I do agree that the personal menu could be structured better:

The same goes for the hamburger menu. I’ll need to see some mockups before I’m perfectly clear on what you’re suggesting here, but I might have pitched some similar ideas in my proposal for a left-aligned hamburger menu:


I think some type of callout for “new badge!” might be useful. I wouldn’t want a permanent button there, but I could see some equivalent of a “What’s new” type notification that appears only when you’ve earned a new, noteworthy badge:


I like the idea of having something not permanent!

Here you could see the mock-ups for the menu section.