Structured notifications tab

I find my notifications tab to be a bit messy. I wish it would list my notifications in order of importance. Something along the lines of:


  • Group messages
  • Private messages

Post interactions

  • Replies
  • Mentions
  • Topic invite
  • Incoming link
  • Post edits

Misc. activities

  • Earned badge
  • Received like

It would look like this:
(accidentally used an old screenshot where we hadn’t yet merged the notifications & profile tabs!)

The “push it off-screen” logic would have to be something like:

  • First, show all new Messages.
  • Then, if there’s still room, show all new post interactions
  • Then, if there’s still room, show all new misc. activities (i.e. show all new notifications)

In most cases there will always be room to show all new notifications anyhow.

Prior art

Feedback on new 🍔 and user menus


I guess my concern here is that this makes it really giant; how will this work on mobile?


The app has a reasonable starting point for full screen notifications, which may work better on mobile.

Just add a tab for messages or something.

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I think there’s probably a stronger case for messages/notifications to be split into separate tabs because messages are inherently different from notifications on posts that you’ve made?

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Then you’d have

58 PM

notifications (PUBLIC: replies, likes, mentions, badges)
avatar (PRIVATE: messages, preferences, bookmarks )

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I was more thinking a tab shows up when you expand notifications. Trivially we could do:

So by default we suppress messages, and a green circle shows up over envelope. If you have any PMs to trigger you to visit that “tab”

Clicking on the mail just replaces the list of messages, does not take you to profile page.


Hmm, no, I don’t want Even More Icons.

I think Sam’s suggestion of simply making it fullscreen on mobile is a better one.


I’m not proposing what’s shown in @rewphus’ old mockup. My version is literally just a few pixels taller, because of the added separator lines. Other than that it’s the exact same notification panel. The difference is that the notifications are being sorted into groups of related notifications, with similar level of importance.

It’s perfectly compatible with Sam’s full-screen suggestion.


Something like this?


Combining a lot of the ideas into one just to get the thoughts out :allthethings:



I think even if there are multiple tabs, the ‘all’ tab still needs to be structured/organized into kinds of notifications.

FWIW, my vote is for the simplicity of @jomaxro’s layout.

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So way back when Discourse used to have 4 icons in the header, it was reduced to 3 per user feedback. I don’t like the idea of going back to 4 icons.

If this work is taken on, I’d like to see it done in two parts. Part 1, organize/group the notifications. Part 2, clickable tabs to filter the notifications.

I do wonder’ if we lose some of the chronological functionality if we group the notifications by type in a list of "all notifications…

If I have 6 already-read messages at the top of the notification window for example, but I have some more recent unseen mentions/replies… should those be higher priority than older messages? Would categories of notifications change order based on the current priority? I think categorizing by default changes the nature of the “notification timeline” that the dropdown represents now…


I don’t mind much either way since I don’t have an overwhelming amount of notifications, but if you guys decide to go towards everything being grouped, it might be nice to have the ‘tabs’ as shortcuts to jump to the notification group, something similar to bootstrap’s scrollspy.


I really like this concept, keep in mind it is a major change due to plugin impact and so on (for example stuff like Assigned installs new tabs)

I am about 1000% certain @codinghorror is not going to go for bringing back the bell, but I feel the concept works fine with just keeping it on the avatar like it is now.


I agree, except that we already “break” the timeline order by bringing PMs to the top, and only sorting 100% chronologically if all the PMs are read. Perhaps this change could be a user preference “sort notifications chronologically” or “group notifications by type”

Yeah the tabs could work within the menu as is; would everything (notifications, messages, bookmarks) become a tab in that menu then? (aside from the stuff that wouldn’t work, like preferences/profile)

I think two rows would be better. We’ll run out of room otherwise. Keep links in the top row, then the dividing line, then the “notification filters”. They we can have two plugin outlets, one for for simple links, another for notification filters.

anyone still looking at this, or did this die off?

I thought @featheredtoast had some experiments here but I fully support and want full screen notifications panel on mobile.