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This should not be displaying on mobile. Is it?

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Yes, I believed it on a desktop browser. It is displayed on the desktop. This is not displayed on the mobile. Let’s not consider this a bug

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Nice component.

How does one change the text “Search” shown to something else?

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You can go there: Admin → Customize → Text

Look for search.title

Unfortunately, keep in mind this is not specific to this theme component.


This has been fixed :+1:


Would it be possible to leave the original search icon in place for mobile users even though this plugin is enabled? I noted that the handlebars template specifically excludes the inclusion of the search bar in the mobile breakpoint which makes sense, but the search icon is also removed which means that mobile users cannot search easily at all. I have users complaining about this so a nice middle ground would be to keep the functionality exactly as it is for desktop but leave the search icon in place for the mobile breakpoint. Thanks!

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On mobile, this theme component shows the header search icon instead of the header search input. Is this not the case on your forum?

I don’t see the search icon on mobile at the theme creator preview.

Oh wow, my mistake! When inspecting for mobile, the link switched to the general theme creator page which does show the search icon. I assumed I was still on the themes preview :sweat_smile:


Yup, no worries, the screenshot that @Moin provided is the same as I see on my forum in mobile. No search icon is present.


Fix for this looks good. Thanks!

Any idea why it’s showing a double search icon (on both the mobile and desktop)?


I’m using this header search component along with this one: Search Banner

When I enable both components I get a double search icon. Any idea how to fix this? I would like to the search banner for the top menu and the search header for desktop users when not on the top menu - i.e. both components

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Would it possible to add a setting to specify which pages this component should not display? For example I want the default search button on the landing page and the topics pages (/latest, /top) but then use this component for all other pages.

This issue has been fixed :+1:

Hmm, I updated the component but it’s still showing the double search icon (reloaded the page). (on both mobile and desktop, on mobile the other component is showing the double seach icons, on the desktop both are showing the double icon)

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It looks like this component also has an issue with it. Thanks for reporting back on this, Ill take a look.

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As a temporary workaround I added this to the CSS and it’s fixed the double icon on both components

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This should now be fixed :+1:

Now the Search Banner component has only 1 search icon instead of 2 (which is good) but the Header Search component still has 2 icons (on the desktop). On the mobile it appears to be okay for both.

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I’m not seeing this locally with both of these components updated.