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:discourse2: Summary Search Banner puts a search bar along with optional headline and subhead text in a banner above the main topic list navigation.
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Install this theme component

By default this banner appears on all top-level topic pages (latest/new/unread/top/categories… anything in the top menu site setting) but it can also be set to only display on a community’s homepage.

:sparkling_heart: This very heavily borrows from @angusHeader Search Theme Component

Available settings

  • Set the headline and subhead text
  • Show the banner on all top-level topic pages (default), just the homepage, or all pages
  • Show the banner for everyone, logged in, or logged out users
  • Set a background image (light mode and dark mode)

Custom styling

The HTML element gets a class named .display-search-banner wherever this banner appears, and the banner itself is wrapped with the .custom-search-banner class, so with some CSS you should be able to customize the appearance of this banner however you see fit.

Future enhancements

  • Add an option to enable the banner in specific categories

Incredible work! :sparkles: Suggestion: add an option to hide this theme component from logged-in users (only visible to visitors/non-users).


amazing theme component :star_struck: :heart:

it’d be great if it can be merged into other available banner themes, i.e. Versatile Banner, as an option.


How do we show search banner everywhere page? Every topic, every category? Thank!

I’ve updated the theme component to add some new settings:

show on — this determines where the banner appears and has the options

  • top_menu (latest/categories/top/new/unread)
  • homepage
  • all (all pages except the default search page and admin pages)

show for — this determines who sees the banner

  • everyone
  • logged_in
  • logged_out

hi, i have a image after header and I want to put this search after this not before, how to make this?

This theme component shows users in search (mobile view) but why doesn’t the normal search bar shows users in mobile search?

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this theme doesn’t work properly with Topic list sidebar navigation.

the same way as in Homepage Feature Component - #70 by Pad_Pors.


How would discourse search autocomplete work with this?

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I like it and it comes with air theme… but there is a problem with the “welcome” header and “sub” text is white text on white background. Because Air Theme does not have css, I cannot change the colour.

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The component is really great. I want to change the search icon, but I can’t find it. Can anyone help me?

I’ve just made a minor update that adds an optional style to this component, it gets you a large search bar without title text:

This can be enabled by a new “special style” setting. All this does is enable a little additional CSS.

I may add some more options here in the future as well!


Hello, is there a way to change the background image between light and dark mode?


Great addon! We appreciate it a lot.
One question. Is there a way to encode the url in the suggested results?