HEIF file type not allowed for upload

Hey, My users use iPhones and some of them are on the beta of iOS 11. They can’t upload their images as they are in HEIF file format not JPEG.

You should be able to if you enable the extension in admin > settings, authorized extensions. However, I’m not sure if it would treat it as an image or as an attachment.


This worked. Thanks!

Attachment. This will be a problem for a while, I don’t see browsers supporting this soon (APNG took what? 10 years?). Maybe we can convert it to jpg when ImageMagick gets support for it (can take a while since the patents involving HEVC are complicated).


It seems verrrrrrrry unlikely to me that this will persist in later betas or final as forcing all image uploads into some obscure image format would literally break the web. Not gonna happen. Closing until iOS 11 is released.