File upload not working on iOS with authorized extension

Hi all, we want to allow our forum users to attach certain files with the extension “djayMidiMapping” that our app produces, so we added this extension to the “authorized extensions” setting.

This works fine e.g. on Mac, but on iOS the file browser will not allow selecting these kinds of files unless we allow all file extensions ("*"). All the default extensions for image files can be selected fine.

Any thoughts what might be the issue here? We’re running 2.8.0.beta8.


What is the Safari version and which is the iOS version?

Latest iOS 15.3. Not sure how to get the Safari version on iOS?

This issue is due to this:

Supports the type format (e.g. image/*) but not the extension format (e.g..png ).

@nbianca will work to find a workaround.


This bug has been fixed since this commit. Thank you for reporting this!