Hello Community Experts- are we able to configure discussions to be threads AND questions?

We are working to improve our SLA’s in the community. In other platforms I have been able to configure to have discussion threads AND questions in the community.

Questions have urgency- trying to solve a problem and are tied to our SLA’s
Threads aren’t necessarily urgent and we could leave them open without affecting our SLA’s

OR TOTALLY open to another approach for how we could address this issue.

Thank you, Sara @albert_vu

The Discourse Solved plugin lets you configure dedicated categories for solutions and questions. For example, see Meta #support or https://discuss.elastic.co.

Dedicated Support categories can be tied to your SLAs and other categories could be left open for discussions.


Depending on your use case you could further expand Discourse Solved with Discourse Assign:

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You can also set it to enable Solutions on a tag as well. :+1:


Oh that’s :sunglasses: !

@sleslie99 the solved plugin also adds attributes and filters that you can use for custom designs around open and resolved questions. E.g. each solved topic has a css class status-solved. So you can easily assign a different style to solved questions on a list view.

Category or tag lists with the solved feature also have two additional list filters: solved and unsolved. You can enable an additional drop-down for these filters as explained on the plugin’s topic:


But you can also use the filter routes (e.g. https://meta.discourse.org/c/support?solved=yes ) on any custom links or other ux elements to highlight them more.

Another options to use the filter routes is featuring a list of questions with the Versatile Showcase component. E.g “5 latest open questions” or “top 5 solved questions”.