Help changing Help Guide Permalink

Hi Folks,

Looking to change the permalink on our Help guide tool. I did not set up our discourse page. The link connects to a notion page of a previous administrator- and they were the only ones who had full access to that page and could edit it. They are no longer with the org, and their account no longer active, so I can’t change the page.

Unsure about how to change it on discourse, any help would be appreciated. Screenshots below.

If you have admin access, you could visit Admin > Customize and find the theme component that names like custom header links and edit the necessary link there.

Sory should have replied earlier. Can you edit the theme component from the theme page, or do you mean editing the Custom CSS/HTML Custom sections and change the link in the code? I can’t seem to find the link in the code, thus why I asked for advice. Lmk, thank!

Hi, Please check this theme component. I guess this is the one being used on your site: Custom header links (icons)

Yep, thanks for the support! Changed it!