Help, I accidentally locked myself out with 2FA

Yeah… Pretty supid. I setup 2 step with a physical key (which I don’t got), and it was the admin account.

Pretty stupid… But how would you revert this? Or disable this if you can’t login?


Can you use [your-site]/users/admin-login to bypass it?

Let me see. I go to a page to sent an email? Is that correct?

Yeah no doesn’t bypass it - it still required me to enter it/do it.

It should take you to a page where you enter the admin email, and then a log-in link will be sent to that address.

Yeah, that didn’t bypass it.

Though I forgot I had a backup account (just incase if something like this happend), and I was able to disable the 2 step from there.

Still, thank you anyway for trying to help! :slight_smile:

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Glad you got it sorted. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Against the next time, see Disable 2FA via console - howto / sysadmin - Discourse Meta