Is it possible to recover/reset account if hardware 2fa key is lost?

Hello all,

I am dealing with an account of a user who lost his physical 2FA key (I assume a YubiKey or something similar). Is it possible for me to manually reset his password/allow him to bypass his 2FA one time in order to recover the account without needing to delete his account and have him start from scratch?

It is mentioned as being possible in this thread: Can't log into community account without a physical security key - #3 by RGJ but I wasn’t able to find instructions on how to go about it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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I found this guide: Disable 2FA via console

For anyone else looking :saluting_face:



Can an admin user not just open the user, press the admin button and change the settings on the security tab? I know you can at least reset email or password that way.


No, though as @RGJ showed, admins can disable a user’s 2FA entirely.


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