Help me host discourse I am stuck

(Anil) #1

so far this is the best forum in the entire internet atleast for me .I have bought a godaddy hosting .i read the already answered thread here which explains that discourse will not work on shared hosting . But i am installing it on primary domain .Just copied the files to the folder named forum but no luck so far . I dont know how to install discouse could you guys help me install it . The co-founder told something about old style manual install .can anyone explain what is it .i will do everything i can to install this amazing forums on my website . any ideas on how to install it are welcome …

(Luke Larris) #2

Do you have a VPS? Doesn’t sound like you do, it sounds like you’re trying to host it through GoDaddy’s shared hosting, which is not going to work.

(Anil) #3

No i dont have vps . Is there anyway to install discourse ?

(a slightly fluffy latex coated steel ball) #4

I doubt that “old-style manual install” would work on a shared host either - you need full SSH access to be able to do things like install stuff like RVM, Redis and Postgres. Your best bets are:

  • Abandon your shared host and get a VPS ( These are pretty cheap nowadays for quite alot of welly even $10-20 a month gets you enough oomph to run Discourse ) Then you can do either Docker install or manual install
  • Use Discourse’ own hosting options [here] <- see jeff’s post below
  • A cloud based install on something like Heroku? Not sure about this but it sounds like you should be able to do it bu following the cloud based install


(Jeff Atwood) #5

See Discourse Install self-host your own Civilized Discussion Community there is a $99 one time option which is $10/month on Digital Ocean.

(Anil) #6

Thankyou for the suggestion guys .that 99$ option is really great but the problem is i dont have money for it . I am not rich enough to buy vps either .1600 per month in my currency which is too great for me .
is there any thread that explains the “old-style manual install” i will try my best to install it .i have full ssh access came to know my hosting server centos6

(Jeff Atwood) #7

There are links to the old manual Ubuntu install but it is unsupported. We cannot respond to unsupported install requests here, sorry.

You need to install on a server that has proper Docker support.

(Jens Maier) #8

Despite what codinghorror says, there are plenty of people here on Meta who can help with questions and problems with manual installs…


You absolutely, without question, 100% need to have a private server. Whether it’s a virtualized machine or a real machine does not make much difference, but unless you can SSH into the server, become root and create and drop databases at a whim, you won’t be able to install Discourse.

(Alex - Arvixe) #9

To better understand your budget can you confirm where you’re based? Discourse has some very specific requirements so if you plan to host it, you might want to claim a refund on your GD hosting and upgrade to a VPS somewhere.