Installation of Discourse

I have a shared hosting package with midphase and would like to install discourse on it. However, I am extremely confused by the installation instructions. I can install most things but this has me stumped. I am fine after the setup wizard (playing on a localhost) But need someone to help me with the initial installation. I would prefer this done ASAP. I have no idea on the cost for this so I am open to quotes…

Installation on a Shared Host is likely impossible. You need root access to the server so you can ensure Docker is installed. I highly doubt you have that ability on your shared host.


Ah bugger it. Ok, any recommended new hosts that won’t charge the earth?

I explain a bunch of stuff about installs here: $99 Discourse Install – Literate Computing, LLC

If $10/month is too much you can search here for “cheap hosting” and find several discussions. Digital Ocean is recommended because it’s reliable and easy to configure, but there are many options.

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Digital Ocean is capable from 10-20 a month, Vultr is just as good, I have their $5 a month plan for my sandbox, and it works fine for my needs, you might have to upgrade to their $10 plan if you get a decent amount of traffic though.


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