Help "sorting" my users

At the moment the only way my users is sorted is by the trust level.

But I think it would make more sense to make some groups or another way to sort my users - but how is that best done?

My forum have 3 kinds of users I would say

  • Comming Students
  • Students
  • M.D.

Students would be the biggest of all groups. We only have a few M.D. at my forum.

When you are a student you could study at 4 or 5 universities
And abroad

In some way I also want to add a avatar-icon to a users profile avatar. Should it be by the place you study or the kind of usertype?

Im not sure how to do this the best way?

Any hints how to sort my users and visualize the users like this…
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It should be optional to share this information with my forum.

You want to know about groups. Here is a start Configure custom group Access and Visibility


Then you could continue by this. It’s about “staff”, but some of it could also apply to your case:

And you can look at this maybe to achieve what you want to do: