Help to merge forum from Kunena

I have been traveling the long forum road. For more then 15 years I have been running a community for medical students in Denmark @

For the first years I have been using phpBB2. Then in I did migrate to Joomla using Kunena on top of it. I have runned the site as a non-commerciel, none advertising site.

And now my site have been hacked and is down :sleepy: Therefore I would like to give Discourse a try!

But damn there is a steep learning curve using discourse!

I did setup a Ubuntu server using vultr and was able to install Discourse. And then there is the migration issue.

Seems like I need a ph.D in serverhosting and programming… Im not able to do the import script thing :frowning:

What will it cost to get someone to do it for me?

I have the .sql file and the attachment folder…

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There are import scripts for kunena and Kunena3. I apparently did some work on the Kunena 3 script and you can read about that here: Importing from Kunena 3.


Yep I know.

But Im not able to run it as I dont know howto run discourse and a mysql server at the same setup…

I do several imports a month. I sent you a personal message. You can also post specifics of your project (number of posts and users, timeine) with a budget in the #marketplace.

Let me know if you’d like my help.


But I dont have that much money for this issue.

The site was driven in my spare time as a non-commerciel forum.

It have 10.000 users (many old “dead” users) 5000 posts and 40.000 replies.

I try to see if Im able to add mysql2 to my discourse setup and run the import script.

What do you think it will cost if I give you my sql database backup file.

And you import it and make a backup file I could use on my vanilla board and import it there?

I don’t know how the migration happened but the Discourse site is running successfully.