Help with Installing on a Partition

Hey guys,

This maybe the first time someone has asked for such kind of help but I need it desperately :frowning:

I have a server with 2 partitions installed in it besides the swap partition of course!

First partition is 200GB and the second one 100GB size

I want to install Discourse on the 100GB partition instead of the 200GB which I’m going to use as storage :hear_no_evil:

Now, how can I SSH command it to install my script on the second one instead of getting lost and doing what I don’t know…!

I searched almost everywhere but had no straight topics and talks about this problem.

Your help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on the server already for extra info.

Have you mounted the second partition? If so what’s the path?

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It is mounted on /dev/sda4

/dev/sda4 3333580800 3497420799 163840000 78.1G Linux filesystem

Hope this helps and thanks a lot for your reply.

People ask this all the time places like stack exchange and (I think that’s a thing) and other sites about system administration. It’s not really a Discourse issue.

Discourse typically keeps stuff in /var/discourse and wherever docker keeps its stuff.

No, that’s the device. Did you mount it?
You could mount it at /var/discourse and then you’d get what you want.

See for instance (first Google hit that I liked)


I have 2 partitions and need to know how to mount it on the 100GB HDD partition but don’t know how to call this partition to mount Discourse on it!!

If I mount it on /var/discourse? Does it install automatically on that HDD?? :wink:

This is where I need the help. How to call to mount that 100GB drive to install Discourse on it.

Assuming you have already created a file system on the partition

mkdir /var/discourse
mount /dev/sda4 /var/discourse

But for it to survive a reboot, you will need to create an /etc/fstab entry, and the link I posted in the previous post will explain to you how to do that.


Now you’re talking ma-man :wink:

I’ll give it a try in the coming days and make sure things are good and mark your reply as solved / solution or need some extra help :smiley:

Thnx bro


Done and done ma-man!

Mounted it and created all the necessary needed things for it to survive but when I install one thing it tells me I can’t install another one on the same hdd…!

Your pointers worked and were useful enough to partition the hdd but to install 2 things isn’t going well :frowning:

What am I doing wrong now?? :confused:

Can you please explain in more detail on what you’re doing and what it’s saying?

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I have 2TB dedicated server with 16GB RAM installed Debian 10 on it to do the following:

Before continue, I already run Discourse on a small VPS of 20Gb SSD with 2GB RAM. The site is getting noticed and growing and I thought of moving it to the 2TB.

Here it goes:

  1. Install a seedbox on almost 1.6TB.
  2. Install a control panel to test and run software and scrips for about 300GB
  3. Install 100GB of it to run Discourse on it.

The problem I get into is; when I install the seedbox it goes well and smooth and when I install VestaCP on the next partition which is mounted and prepared in the command; :~# cd /vesta it comes up with: :~#vesta partition

The problem is when I install vestacp it goes smooth and runs perfect on the selected partition but when I install the seedbox afterwards, it doesn’t go smooth and gets stuck on:

It will take approx 10 minutes for the script to complete

Updating package lists
Upgrading packages
Installing required packages

Here it takes 2 hours and nothing goes beyond. On the other hand, when I check Vestacp, I see NGINX is disabled because the seebox is trying to take over!

Click Here to view NGINX Offline Status

Visa-versa, when I install seebox first, Vestacp says it must be installed on a fresh server!

If I have these for the start, I think I’ll chock until Discourse runs as smooth as I want…!

I know I’m few clicks away from making things go right but Brain Function Stuck on same point too :frowning:

Please don’t take this the wrong way but why are you asking this on the Discourse forum when you didn’t even get to the Discourse installation yet? I think you’ll need to find people who know about Vestacp (which I have never even heard of, sorry).

That, and if I were you I would run some kind of VM platform on that dedicated box to have endless flexibility in what I was doing next.

You’re totally right …!

I started with Vesta instead I should’ve started with Discourse and see if these was any installation issue :slight_smile:

We can end this discussion but will start another one with Discourse migration from a server to another in a day or 2 .

Thanks bro for all the time you spent on unrelated matter!

I love staff here and the site is cool enough to be our second home :stuck_out_tongue:


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And if this is just a single drive why bother to partition it into a bunch of tiny pieces that can only cause your grief? Back in the day you had to because file systems were too small (unless you made the blocks big, I think), but except for having a small boot partition there really isn’t reason to partition drives into smaller parts. People now are more likely to combine drives into bigger partitions with RAID, but as all have said, this isn’t a Discourse issue.

There is a topic about how to move to a new server that I can’t find.

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Slightly off topic but heck, some valid reasons include:

  • separate user data from system data so when the user data becomes large, the system does not go down completely
  • ability to have different file systems, suitable for different tasks (for instance speed vs reliability)
  • minimize risk in case of filesystem corruption

Thanks you awesome admins and supporters. Really helped a lot and learned from your experience too :smiley:

I will take in consideration all sentences you wrote as advise!

There is nothing more to say except I wish you all years of success and from better to best :love_you_gesture:

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