How to install discourse alongside Plesk

Hello all,

My friends and me on like so much Discourse, we discovered your forum on forums, and we want to install it on our small dedicated server with the following details:

OS ‪Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS‬
Plesk version 12.5.30 Update #41, last updated at July 25, 2016 05:40 AM

What is the best way to do that without having problem with Docker ? Also without making any problem for the other websites installed by Plesk.

Thank you in advance for your advice

Better give it its own machine and follow the instruction in the Install file, otherwise you are just asking for terrible, terrible pain.


Given the way that Plesk completely hijacks any and all normal means of administration, you’re definitely best off taking @Dan_G 's advice and putting it on a separate machine. I’m sure that with enough brutal force you could manage to get it to run on the Plesk box, but it wouldn’t be pretty, I’d wager.

The 30 minute install guide will get you up and running on a dedicated digital ocean droplet in, well, under 30 minutes.


thank you both for your advice, no problem, but what if the cheaper VPS that you know to give it a try ? also a question. Is that easy to move Discourse by SSH from a VPS to other ?

Digital Ocean’s 10$ / month VPS seems to be the prefered cheap VPS around here to install discourse.

It’s easier to backup your data via the admin interface. Reinstall elsewhere (installation is rather quick) and then restore via the admin interface of your fresh install.


Thank you @Dan_G for your advice

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