Help with Tags that can only be created by the Moderators but used by everyone

I am looking for some help about tagging. I’ve read through:




And many other treads.

I am looking for:

  • Tags that can only be created or modified by the Discourse Moderators
  • Tags that can be added to a topic or removed from a topic by any user

I did find the Tags Groups but I don’t see a setting similar to the above. And I found Staff Tags but that doesn’t seem right…

I get the impression this is possible but I am just not finding it!

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No option for just “Moderators” but surely this is good enough?



Can you send me a screen shot of the entire page? Or the URL?

Where can I find more info about this page?

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Are you an admin of this site? This is the settings


No, just Mod/Staff.

I am trying to convince the admin to enable this feature. If I can make it as easy as possible (i.e., click this) then it always helps!

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I have no idea what the site name is but you just add: /admin/site_settings/category/tags

Alternatively you can just type the name of that setting in the setting search box, simples.


This is what a passed by → I saw 4. leader and just too easily dismissed it.

Thank you!


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