Helping with RSS issue

Hey guys,

Need someone to help me with RSS with our Persian Forum.
The language tag for RSS is fa_IR which is wrong and RSS Validator does not validate.
See here: Feed Validator Results:

The code for language must be fa-IR
note: Dash (-) instead of Underline (_)

Here is my previous topic that couldn’t find solution and can be useful to track the actual problem:

Budget $20 USD (Can pay via Paypal or pay at your gateway)

Thank you

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Hey @Arta_S,

I replied to your existing topic, as it really seems this is an issue within Discourse.

I went into quite a bit of detail, but unfortunately, I’m not 100% sure what the correct solution is here.

Will watch to see how this progresses.

Thanks mate I appreciate the effort you are under taken.

Looks like it is in two possible files


PR Submitted


Shouldn’t this be at /var/discourse/app ?
I am looking through sftp and can’t seem find the folder app inside discourse folder.

You won’t. As you would have to enter the container to see the files using ./launcher enter app, but all that would be for nothing. As you’d have to rebuild the container to use the alterations, and that will undo any alterations. You simply need to wait for my PR to get merged into master, and once that happens it will be roughly 30 minutes and it should appear in tests-passed.

The Build just completed for the PR, all tests continue to pass, so it shouldn’t be long for it to get merged. I’m off to run a sound event for the rest of the night (so I won’t be available anymore today).


Superb! Thanks man
I will wait for the update then.

Zogstrip merged it. Keep an eye on /admin/upgrade to pull it in.


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