Problem in latest.rss / Not a Valid Feed, it says!

Hey guys,

My rss cannot be validated.
See here:

I am getting some errors when i am trying to fetch the latest entries to another website and the feed validator does not qualify this as a valid feed/rss link.

I have installed discourse in the traditional way.
Any ideas?

Anyone could have an idea on this? :smirk:

Those are fairly minor errors in the RSS.

I believe the correct code is fa-ir with a hyphen not an underscore. I think this is the only one that might cause problems.

You gave the validator an https: URL and the page there said that it is an http: resource. Super minor.

That validator isn’t familiar with Discourse specifics. Not a big deal.


How do I edit that?

Well it’s not about that validator. I am using the feed to show the latest entries of my forum on the main website which all I get is errors. That’s why I need to fix it.

I have this problem too.
Is there any solution for this problem?

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I just installed a fresh version of discourse with default language. It worked fine. I think its because of the language. @codinghorror any idea on how we can get this fixed?

@Alavi1412 is also using Persian (Farsi) in discourse.

Can you compare the language settings in Admin > Settings between your new and existing solution? Compare your app.yml?

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Both the same except I added the following to the old one to get a plugin and install ssl

Under Hooks: - git clone
Under Templates: - “templates/web.ssl.template.yml”
Under Expose: - “443:443”

I am quite sure about my app.yml configs. its all correct.

What version of Discourse are you using?

I am using the latest version of Discourse. I believe tagging is not interfering in the RSS. Its language related.

I have try the validator with /latest.rss on our dev test site (ver. 1.8.0.beta1 +3), language it.
All works fine

Sorry, I cannot test on our site in production because we are still in beta 1.7.

@techapj could you take a peek at this tomorrow?


Thanks for care. Our language is fa-ir not it

Right. And your code said fa_ir not fa-ir. Notice the difference.

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I didn’t set it to fa-ir or fa_ir and for the matter of fact I know that it should be fa-IR but I don’t know where to correct it. that’s why I am here.

I’m grasping at straws here, so bear with the request.

On the fresh install, in Admin > Settings, what is default locale set to?
What is it set to on your live instance?

On the live instance, can you change it to ‘English’, save it, refresh the browser, then switch it back to the value you want it to have, Save it, Refresh the browser?

Thanks for the care.
Let’s not go too far on this.

On my current live installation this is what it looks like:

When on english: (its correct and rss works without errors)
When on Persian: (its incorrect and rss gives errors)

These are both same installs and the problem is from language tag in RSS.
The tag for language <language>fa_IR</language> is wrong. this should be fa-IR

instead of an Underline it should be a Dash

Right, I understand that. I’m trying to figure out if the default locale is supplying that value and if that value is cached and was later corrected, but wouldn’t be seen unless you change it and change it back. As the value is obviously stored somewhere, either in the app.yml or that default locale setting, and let’s say when you first installed Discourse, it incorrectly had fa_IR and they later fixed it to be fa-IR, now until you change the default locale and switch it back, it would likely not fix itself.

So in essence, I’m simply asking you to reset the value of default locale and then switch it back to Persian to rule out another possibility.

My version is up to date. I have done that too but no results.