Existing WP Comments do not show under the Discourse comments

We’ve recently started funnelling our community over to Discourse to avoid having to deal with moderating 2 platforms and noticed that even though the “Show Existing WP Comments” checkbox has been checked, the older WP comments do not show at all on any of the posts that have been pushed to Discourse. The posts that have NOT been pushed to discourse display their comments just fine.

We can foresee this becoming problematic, as some of our more controversial topics that once had many comments indicate that the particular post has X amount of comments, but display none (if the forum entry has no comments).

Is this normal and if isn’t, how do we resolve this?

Do you have the WP Discourse “Load Comments With Ajax” option enabled? That setting is found on the plugin’s Commenting settings tab. It is a known issue that when enabled, old WordPress comments cannot be displayed beneath the Discourse comments. That is mentioned in the setting’s description.

Let me know if you do not have that setting enabled and I’ll take a look at what is causing the problem.


Ah! Good to know. Yeah, that fixed it. Thanks for the assist

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