Hidden replies: educational settings

I have been searching the forum about hidden replies and wanted to put out another use case.

I was looking for this feature as well as I use Discourse when building courses for educational institutions. They generally want open replies but occasionally for assessment purposes teachers do not want students to see the replies as others well.

I experimented with whispers and private messaging but this seemed to cumbersome for my learners.

TLDR: Hidden replies would be a neat feature.

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How do you see hidden replies working differently than whispers?

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Don’t whispers work only for staff?

It would be great to have a write-only category, where people could post to a category, but not see other people’s posts.


See in my mind “teacher” == “staff”.

This implies per-topic permissions which would be a massive rearchitecting of Discourse. Highly unlikely to happen.

That makes sense , but how about write-only categories?

Thanks for the heads up Jeff. Learning is better in the open anyways. I try to push clients to not care about people seeing each other’s responses.