Hide a topic until it has a reply

I don’t think this solution in this topic is still possible?

And in any case, I’d like to only hide the topic from the Latest list.

I’ve worked out some CSS that almost does the job:

body:is(.navigation-topics) .category-name:has(.topic-list-data[title="This topic has 0 replies"]) {
    display: none;

The problem is, that CSS also hides the topic from New and Unread lists, because I can’t seem to find anything specific about these lists in the code for either (they have the same body classes and -structure as the Latest list).

Any help appreciated…


It is still available, but cannot be set on a per-post basis when the new block editor is used. Instead, you need to select the “Publish as Unlisted Topics” setting from the plugin’s Publishing Options tab.

I’m not seeing an obvious way to target the New and Unread lists with CSS. Possibly it’s there and I’m just not finding it.


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