Hide / unlist / change category for topic until first comment

Hello everyone.
I am looking for a way to create a topic on the discourse platform (not an article on an external website), and have this topic invisible until someone comments on it.
I was thinking about something similar to the scheduling method, just using the first comment as the trigger. Kind of like an “IF” condition.

I’ll explain the use of it:
I am working on a slideshow that will be shared with people and features different products. I would like to invite people to discuss these products further. What I wanted to do is to create a topic for each product, with the slideshow details, have it invisible, and provide a link in the slideshow. Then, if someone decides to comment - the post will become visible / move from a hidden category to the right category.
It’s so I won’t post a bunch of topics empty from comments / with no interest.

Is there any way to achieve something like that?

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I see what you are trying to do there, but I have a question. How are users supposed to enter the hidden topic, when that’s in a private category?

You mentioned:

That’s a good idea. You can create a topic, unlist it, and if someone replies, you can list it again. I am not seeing a way that it can automatically being listed, nor posting it in a private category.

I also found this topic, which might help you out:


It sounds like a good idea.
I would love for it to be automated, but can also do it manually if that’s the only option.

Hey, have you tried to Toggle unlisted on a new topic. When you post topic it will automatically be unlisted.

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I thought that’s what @Thomas_G meant:

  • Create a topic
  • Toggle ‘unlisted’ in the gear wheel in the post creator (prior to posting)
  • Share that link
  • If the post gets a comment - change it manually to ‘listed’

I guess that what I’ll try

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Sure thing, seems. Like a good plan :wink:

I think he meant manually via wrench. He can correct me if I am wrong :+1:

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@yochaimaytal’s comment is on spot on what I proposed!

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