Hide Category Breadcrumb from a specific category

How can I hide the entire Category Breadcrumb section from a specific category?

I want to hide this entire section:

I tried the following and it didn’t work:

body[class*='category-myCategorySlug-'] ol.category-breadcrumb li.tag-drop {
    display: none;

hi @Sami_Syed

those are the category breadcrumb dropdown and navigator bar (or nav bar).

to hide them, try this in common css:

.category-[category-slug] .category-breadcrumb,
.category-[category-slug] #navigation-bar {
    display: none;

if you want to include the navigation controls buttons as well (the admin wrench, new topic button and alerts button) you can do this:

.category-[category-slug] .navigation-container {
    display: none;

I tried this and it is not working.

Screenshot 2023-06-25 142920

Here is the URL to the category I am trying to remove it from. Perks - Van Life Summit 2 Sandbox

I have a separate theme component created, and it is active within the current theme.

oh it’s a sub-category. here you go:

.category-van-life-summit-perks .category-breadcrumb,
.category-van-life-summit-perks #navigation-bar {
    display: none;

separate category and subcategory slugs with a “-”


This worked. Thanks @Lilly

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anytime :slight_smile: glad that helped.

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