Hide logs/staff actions with css

Recently, I had asked if there was a way to leave the records option only for administrators (Without moderators being able to see this) But the answer was no.

Anyway, I’m having internal problems and I don’t want my moderators to see this option because of some issues that are happening.

So, I was thinking, is there a way to hide this menu with the help of the css code:

display: none.

how can i use?


CSS works to hide things from plain view but anyone who’s only a little bit determined will just guess the URL.

If you don’t trust your moderators then you will simply need to get rid of the moderators, not of the menu.


This problem with my moderators is very complex and goes far beyond removing them, I’m suffering sabotage from a rival forum that is corrupting my moderators, I can remove them all and put others, but the rival forum can always corrupt them… O problem is that in moderation, innocents will pay for the mistakes of the bad ones. I just needed the registry to be accessed only by admins, it would be the greatest solution I could find, the good moderators wouldn’t suffer…

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One possible solution could be to make them category moderators or TL4 instead. Those roles get a lot of mod-style functions without being full moderators and having access to the staff logs.

You can compare the different abilities in Trust Level Permissions Table (inc Moderator Roles)


So you don’t want moderators to see what actions others have taken? What information do you not want them to have?

I think that category moderators or tl4 is your best bet, unless, perhaps, you have budget or skills to make a plugin.

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I suppose this topic is sort of a “follow-up” of How do I delete staff action logs?.

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I see. I think the best answer is still to create a new standard install and create a backup and restore it on the other forum so that you can poke around without anyone seeing what you’re looking at. If course, it’ll be in the logs that you downloaded a backup, but I doubt that anyone would take note if it’s your forum.

It still seems hard to believe that someone will notice that you’re looking, and anyone can look at user profiles. I’m not sure that it’s logged unless you look at their email address.

i will try that, thanks for the help

You could also use the data explorer plugin to pull out data

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We obviously don’t know the underlying facts, but I still feel that trying to fix your situation with hacky technical ways isn’t the right way to do it. :confused:

If you’re having a community issue (admins and moderators are parts of a community), maybe you could explain it better in community and try to find other ways to resolve it? :person_shrugging: