Hide Origin IP in discourse

We use cloudflare for managing the DNS and we can`t turn on the orange cloud to proxy the forum because this will break it.
is there any way ti turn around this and proxy thy IP to hide the origin ?

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A rule to “disable performance” will turn off the damaging features.

It will degrade performance though and Let’s Encrpyt cannot issue certificates with it enabled.


Let me as a question please, so every time the certificate needs to be renewed i have to drop the forum for cloudflare ?

Do you mean will not provide the extra performance or will make the site slower than the current status ? Please clarify.

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If you’re sandwiching Cloudflare between client and server you are adding extra network hops for every update. Cloudflare can’t cache application server responses, so the extra network time slows responses down.


I did added the rule but this what happened !!

That’s not related to the rule, your SSL mode on Cloudflare isn’t configured correctly. Do you have it set to SSL(Flexible)? It should be configured as strict.


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