Hide SubCategories from Home/Category view

Hello all,

Trying to hide the subcategories links from the home category view!

I’ve tried the solutions I’ve found on the forum but they don’t seem to work (using the default theme)

Could you please tell me how I can hide the subcategories links from the home category view?

Thank you!!!

Have you tried the “hide category from home page” category setting?

Thank you very much for your response! Yes, I’ve tried that too, doesn’t work for subcategories apparently!

So you don’t want any links to the subcategory? I think you could do that with CSS.

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On the homepage, under each category, I don’t want to show the subcategories!
I tried the CSS that I found here as solutions from old threads but they don’t work!

So, for example, here:

I don’t want “theme, Votung, Broken-plugin, solved, extras, chat-integration” and “translations, SSO” to be shown under the categories - I still want to show the subcategories in boxes within the category though!

I vaguely recall a setting which allows you to disable this on a per category basis - but I could be wrong.

If it comes down to CSS,

I think this will hide subcategories from the category list but keep the box-style subcategories at the top in the category page.

.category-list .subcategories {
    display: none;

subcategories visible inside category page.


It worked like a charm!!! Thank you very much!


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