How can I hide all subcategories from homepage?

Hello all,

i’am search for “how can i hide all subcategories from homepage”. I would like this to do because we have now over 50 subcategories, and it becomes very long to scroll down. Is there a way to hide this subcategories from homepage from on specific maincategorie?

3.1.0.beta2 is installed.

Found this

not tested, but i thing it does something different.

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You are so disliking this answer, but you are asking wrong question. You are now trying to solve out an issue that came from your earlier acts and the real question should be:

If I don’t and can’t show sub-categories for users at their first navigation point, and sub-categories will be kind of hidden option, why I’m using sub-categories at all and should I ditch them and use tags instead.

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Hi boopsy!

Yes, it’s certainly possible with CSS, to be added in your admin panel.

Customization → Theme → Edit CSS/HTML

From the category page:

.categories-list .subcategories {
     display: none;

Can you clarify this part?
Do you use subcategories boxes?


I mean the part directly on startpage. First have one categorie and after you can add subcategories to this “i say” maincategorie. You can see the subcategories under a maincategorie. With dots and the name. This is what i would hide, because it is to long.

After i click directly in a maincategorie, i would like to see alle subcategories there, so the default again.

tested, yes it works, but with this all subcategories are now hide.

You may want to look at this theme component.

I think it what your looking for.

There are also site settings that affect how categories are displayed and othet theme-component like Modern Category Boxes.

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