Hide the “About this Category” topics?

I find the first post made in a category, the “About category X” to be nothing but annoying. It just sits there polluting the list of posts in this category. Unless you change the title of it, it contains redundant information. There are of course different use cases, but for mine it’s just polluting, I really don’t want it to be there.

It would be way better if there was a text field in the category settings, where you define the short description of the category, that is displayed in the list of categories. Then, if you also want a more elaborate description, you can simply make a regular post and pin it or whatever, in the category.

Is there any way to hide or get rid of this first post in a category? I can’t find one, there’s no hide button or anything AFAICT.

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There’s a set of footer buttons at the bottom of each topic. Select the 39%20AM button, then select 44%20AM

This will hide the topic for all non-staff users, while still keeping your category descriptions intact. If it’s at the top of the topic list for you as a staff member, you can unpin it by clicking the thumbtack icon.


Totally works. I mixed that up with something else :slight_smile:


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