Hiding some of the UCFs in the user review queue

How do I hide all but the first 5 UCFs from my moderation team to make approvals easier?

Yes, we have a lot of UCFs (15 with 4 ‘dormant’). These are the only 5 that new sign-ups fill in (in case if you are wondering).

This is a continuation of my previous question, in which @awesomerobot sorted me out for hiding all but the first one. However, the need has arisen to see more:

I don’t think there’s an ideal way to do it… but in theory this should work:

.reviewable-user-fields > div:nth-of-type(n+10) {
    display: none;

You can +/- from that 10 to show/hide more/less.

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Thanks Kris - it works a treat!! And you got ours perfect with the 10.

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