Hiding Suggested Topics?

(Garrett Lisi) #1

We’re finding that having Suggested Topics below every conversation is confusing and distracting. Is there an easy way to hide that? Or, if not, is there a hard way? Thanks!

(Jeff Atwood) #2

That’s an odd reaction, as they are a central design point of Discourse, for a variety of reasons:

  1. The “pot of gold” at the end of reading a topic is… more interesting things to read

  2. Suggested prioritizes topics you’ve participated in/created/watched, so it’s a fast way to clear your read queue without pogo-sticking back and forth to the topic lists.

  3. Suggested gives you a related walk in non-closed topics in the same category you’re currently in. I frequently find things in suggested that I wanted to follow up on eventually anyway.

So I’d suggest you might want to try absorbing the Discourse style a bit longer before jumping to extremes. Losing #2 in particular would be really painful for me as a user on your Discourse, if I’m actually reading stuff at all.

That said, if you want to remove, CSS is probably the way:

<div id="suggested-topics">

Just set that element to hidden in CSS, and you can probably set the # of suggested topics returned from the default of 5 to 1 in the site settings to reduce server load a tad.

(Garrett Lisi) #3

Ah, thank you Jeff, that does sound like that may be the way to go once our discourse is more populated.

And thanks for the tip about the # in the settings – setting it to 0 hid Suggested Topics completely. For now.