How can I manually pin a topic to the "Top"


I want to pin a “introduce yourself” topic to the Top. Please tell me how can I do that.

You can click on the wrench icon (if you are the admin) the choose Pin Topic

Then you can choose to pin this in a specific category (pin topic), or at the top of Latest (pin globally) across the whole community. Alternatively you can make this a Banner Topic for it to appear above the title space across the site until the user has closed it.

If you search for these terms on this site you will find more advice and best practice, particularly for Banner Topics



I want to pin the topic to the top category, so that it’s the first on the list of top topics.

Is it possible?

Thanks for help!

I’m not sure what you’re asking, I don’t know what you mean by “top category”.

There is “top” as in visual position and there is “Top” as in the topic list page of “most bestest” topics as determined by an algorithm.

If you are referring to the Top topic list page, AFAIK, there is currently no way to game the algorithm (unless maybe a plugin could do it). You could however make a topic a Banner and it would display at the top “visually”. If you did not want the Banner to display on pages other than the Top page, I believe that should be easy enough to do with some custom CSS

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A banner pin would be the only way? But that would be ‘global’

Yes. That’s why I mentioned using CSS so it wouldn’t be displayed globally.

I’m guessing that what is wanted is for the Top topic list page to be similar to the Category topic list pages. i.e. the topic lists will have pinned topics at the beginning of the lists until they are unpinned.

Perhaps a feature could be to have all Pinned topics display first in the lists but I’m not sure how dealing with the different time frames would fit into it. And depending on how many Pinned topics there were, it could effectively negate some of the usefulness of the Top page.

Maybe a better approach would be to have a “Pinned Topics” page?


There is a search term that returns all pinned topics:




I’m asking if you can pin the topic to the top list (like the list below),

because I would like to have one particular topic to be the first on this list, is it possible?

I don’t want to use the banner on all pages.

Thanks for help!

It seems to me that having a Pinned that isn’t “top” on its own merits is in contradiction of what the Top page is.

If you want to promote a topic on the Top page, I think a Banner topic is the best way. As I posted previously, if you don’t want to have it on other pages it should be easy enough to do with CSS. Have you looked into using CSS and found it to not be possible with the currently existing selectors?


One major reason would be pinned topics that are immediately locked - # of replies is a big contributor to Top topics, as well as likes-on-replies. I think it kind of makes sense.

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Can moderators pin topics, or is it just admins ?

All staff and TL4 users as well, if you have any.


This is an old thread, but I was surprised to find that users who are moderators of a category do not have the ability to pin topics to the top of the category. This seems like an important role that a moderator could have.

One solution would be to give moderators TL4 status, but I don’t think this works well because this would be giving a user the ability to pin topics to all categories, right? So you wouldn’t want to do that when you have one user be the moderator for one category, another user be the moderator for a different category, etc.

Is there a way to allow moderators to pin topics on just the categories on which they are moderators? Or to give Users TL4 status just for specified categories?

Not at present no, category moderation is still a relatively new feature.