Hiring writers on Fiverr to create sample posts?

I’ve been trying to get more initial content for

By hiring writers on https://fiverr.com to come up with some sample posts.

Does anyone else have experience with doing something like this?

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Well, I’m a sysadmin and not a community manager, but I’d think that you’d want to get actual people who are actual community members who actually care anything at all about the community to write actual content.

And if someone participates some small amount send them a free t-shirt. Jeff sent me a free t-shirt when I’d been here for a while, and now I earn my entire living from Discourse.


There is nothing really wrong with seeding content provided you are transparent about it. One really motivating reason to visit a new community is excellent and relevant content so providing the results that you get from Fiverr meet that criteria and you’re not pretending that they’re by you or some other fake account, then this is reasonably legit.

That said, I’ve never done it because a generally more successful approach to community building is already having an audience waiting for a place to congregate.