"History, last 100 revisions"

I know this can be changed in js.history but it’s an odd choice of default text, especially as usually there are nowhere near 100 revisions. Maybe “History” would be better.


Yeah @joffreyjaffeux perhaps we can have 2 strings. One string for more than 100 revisions and another for less?

There can’t be more than 100 revisions. I do think it’s fine as it is: last 100 revisions which, yes, could be less.

I don’t think it hurts any kind of comprehension of the screen here. Anyways for history, this screen was suffering a massive issue, and we went with this rather simple fix before a release with the goal to refactor it more deeply in the future.

I don’t know; @sam, your call, if you think that’s worth adding the exact count.

I was thinking we just use the word revisions for less than 100. Cause it would be less words.

I first spotted this on a forum that’s not mine and thought it was a bug in Discourse. It was only when I found the customisable text in my own forum that I realised it was deliberate, but I then thought it was a human oversight. It looks like Discourse hasn’t noticed there are only, say, four revisions.

I’d agree with this. The number is already at the bottom alongside the arrows.

So : History, last revisions ?

I would say:


  1. If less than 100 then “History”
  2. If more than 100 then “History, last 100 revisions”

(2) is an extreme outlier situation, so the default can be less verbose.