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:information_source: Summary A theme component that toggles between two homepages.
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Install this theme component

This Discourse theme component adds a toggleable homepage in the header, allowing users to jump between two pages that can be set in the theme component settings.

  • It uses the primary and tertiary colors from your theme automatically.
  • You can set the icons (and URLs) for each side of the toggle in the theme component settings.

This was created for an art forum to toggle between an art-focused homepage gallery and a more traditional forum view. The default icons (a gallery and a list) reflect this by default but they are customizable.

Tested on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge- no issues found. For desktop only- future updates may include a mobile version as well


nicely done. i like this. :clap:


When using that function I get this error

It works when using the url manually

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Seems like a useful component for those that want an art/picture focused home.

However: The gallery view in theme can also be used for a similar purpose.

And FYI for every beginner: icons (list or grip-verticaletc.) must be added on admin setting svg icon subset.

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It looks like to be desktop-only, right?

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I missed that last sentence totally :man_facepalming:

I think there is a tag for such situations, like desktop

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