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I had strange issue. When the component was on, an user didn’t get last comment but something from middle, or first one of topic. It was totally random if it was first post or some another reply — but is was always same in that one topic and for that user, even the “showing location” cahnges between topics. And it was never same between users.

It happened with all devices and browsers (well, the most common ones anyway).

Updating/rebuilding/rebooting of server didn’t help.

Safe mode told it has something to do with themes, so I started shut down components.

It was spinner. Sure, it can be conflict with something, but if it is on, the issue starts, and disappears when it is off — no matter if I have all another components active or not.

I can’t say when this started, because I blaimed iPad and Safari longer time. But at least some weeks ago. Some of my users said they started see strange behaving early this year.

It something similar would happend in WordPress I would blame caching rightaway, but it can’t be true here.

What else… newest version of everything what I got something like an hour ago. And no, I can’t repro it here.

Really strange indeed.