Horizontal scroll bar showing when tagging somebody

(Jay Abie) #1

Hello Friends,
When we tag somebody in our website a Horizontal scroll bar is showing for some reason and you can see the picture below:

(Simon Cossar) #2

I can reproduce this when using a right-to-left locale.

(Jay Abie) #3

correct, we use RTL website in other word we use it in arabic.
any solution for this ?

(Simon Cossar) #4

The problem is with the div that’s created by caret_position.js. It’s position is set to left: -7000px. Switching it to right: -7000px for RTL locales solves the problem. I haven’t worked through all the details of what it’s doing.

(Jay Abie) #5

Thanks a lot, but how i can do that? where is the the file i have to edit caret_position.js ??

(Simon Cossar) #6

No, don’t do that. It will have to be fixed in the Discourse code. It doesn’t look like it can be targeted with custom css.

(Jay Abie) #7

Ok, sounds well, so this maybe will be fixed in next update ?
because also tagging somebody is moving the users from mobile view to desktop view automatically on small screen mobile phones which making tagging somebody very difficult for the user.


(Simon Cossar) #8

An easy fix for this is to add an id to the clone div, and then set its left/right position with css instead of with javascript.

clone = $("<div id='caret-clone'><p></p></div>").appendTo("body");
#caret-clone {
    left: -7000px; // left will be automatically converted to right in the rtl stylesheet

(Jay Abie) #9

how i can do that, where i have to go ?

(Jay Abie) #10

We received 4 updates in last 40 days but nothing happened, the same problem is occurring !!
Any suggestions ?

(Simon Cossar) #11

Sorry for the delay on this. It will get fixed right away.

(Jay Abie) #12

That is fine, don`t be sorry, i just tried to remind you guys… Thanks in advance, i know you guys working hard to make this awesome software better for us.

(Jay Abie) #13

We tested the tagging today with last update and we found that the problem has been fixed. :hugs::hugs::hugs:

(Jeff Atwood) #14