Hosting fees and/or support?


If I get everything working again the way I had it, can I lean on you guys for maintaining my droplet?

Note: I will have some custom javascript widgets that will be in the header and some that will be included in the body (you guys have seen the stock bar I made (someone has)…I will make more junk like that). I will be responsible for that functioning (not you guys).

I pay $10 for my 1gb droplet has Discourse dev considered maintenance packages and fees?

What I am looking for: Come visit the site and occasionally click the blue upgrade button, and make sure the website survives, else fix the the broken.

What would the fee be for this?

(Kane York) #2

I’m already doing this for someone else right now - feel free to PM me, or you might want to contact the team to see about getting hosted with them.

I would be willing to help with the migration from old install to Docker, too! Did that for GuildM8s.


OK thanks riking…Will do. I will set some time aside this weekend to reinstall Discourse and get everything in order on my droplet. We can chat about it then. :smile:

(Kane York) #4

I just edited that last part in - did you miss it? :slight_smile:


Oh…Well I blew my droplet away. Neil tried to help me sort things out when it broke during the upgrade…but we couldn’t figure it out.

So I nuked my instance.

(Jeff Atwood) #6