Hosting - what counts as a page impression for billing?

(Richard Hulse) #1

We are looking at using Discourse, and will embed the output of topics on certain pages. We frequently have pages with 10s of 000s of views so this could have a big impact on which plan we should be on. I presume I’m correct in assuming you count these remote calls?

(Sam Saffron) #2

We count a page view for

  1. A HTTP GET request (non ajax) to any of our routes
  2. A HTTP GET (ajax request) that is adorned with a header that tells to count a page view. This happens when you navigate around the site (move from one topic to another topic, etc)

(Richard Hulse) #3

OK Thanks. I may have to look more seriously into self-hosting if things get too hot.

(Sam Saffron) #4

If things get too hot its a great problem to have :slight_smile:

Keep in mind we will not cut anyone off for reaching the limit, we simply work with the customers to find a better plan (or custom plan). Also our traffic counting is per month, so it allows for spikes.