Hot off the press: Discourse drink bottles


Continuing the discussion from How can I buy Discourse goodies?:

In case anyone just can’t get enough Discourse in their life, we’ve now got branded drink bottles. They’re cobranded Kleen Kanteen bottles and for a limited time they ship with a Discourse sticker.

(As horrifically salesy as that sounds, we’re not actually making any money off these things.)

Contrary to the broad implication of snippet, @codinghorror did not personally hand craft these bottles.


but… that’s so not hipster… was hoping for hand-crafted, artisanal-made products… a’la discourse.

(Jae Van Rysselberghe) #3

Probably would make as a nice bonus gift for anybody signing up directly for a 1 year managed hosting with


That’s exactly why we got them made. Sign up on Enterprise and one of these babies can be all yours.

(Bhanu Sharma) #5

Are those shipping worldwide? Would love to have one in my backpack.