House Ads in the official Ad Plugin

may be based on page impression? how you are planning to implement this logic?

Hi @neil would it be possible to alocate ads per catégorie ?

On our forum we have accommodation, employment, health, education etc…

So for a real estate agent, they don’t really care having their ad in health or other, they only want to focus on accommodation catégorie. Thanks for letting us know.



@Jeremie_Leroy, I liked this idea. targeting ads based on category will be more effective.


I added a setting to control how often house ads are shown instead of other ad networks that are configured to show in the same placement. It’s called “house ads frequency” and takes a percentage (0 to 100). Use 0 to disable house ads (without having to remove configuration from Admin > Plugins > House Ads), and 100 to always choose house ads (the default).

Sounds possible and useful. I think it makes sense to configure this on each ad. A “restrict to categories” input?


This is awesome. Is there a way to fire some javascript when the infinite scroll loads the next chunk of posts?

The advantage is:

  • House ads looks like it’ll work well for any ad server/network
  • Single page apps and infinite scrolls don’t usually work with ad servers, and normally require a JS tag to fire when new ad locations are added to the DOM tree.

It might be possible to do this already, I’m not sure.


Maybe what you’re looking for is the theme component code:


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This is a dream plugin feature. Thank you so much.

I have two questions:

  1. The “House Ads” option is not loading sometimes. When I click on it I just get the “loading symbol” alone.

  1. The plugin doesn’t have mobile responsive by default for the ad images? I kept 3 ads with various sizes and they look disorganized for the mobile. Can you kindly guide me for this?

Thank you once again. This plugin is a gamechanger.


Do you have an ad blocker? See Ad blocker blocks ad plugin in admin. Disable ad blockers to fix


Yes, thank you, this issue got fixed now. :smiley:

Any help on the mobile responsive thing? Should I manually write my own code to make them responsive?

I think that is the current solution, yes. You can add CSS to a theme component. You should be able to use your browser inspector to see how we have done the demo ads here on meta.


Okay, thank you so much.

I am unable to see house-ads option on my website. The plugin is also not showing any update. Is there something special which I need to do to get these house ads option?

We provide no CSS for house ads at all. You have total freedom on the html and styling, so responsive CSS is up to you.


How do you update your site?

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I update the website when updates show in the dashboard. So basically from the dashboard only.
Should I need to update the website with putty to get this update?

Hmm I’m not sure what’s wrong. Do you see sections in settings for CodeFund and Carbon Ads?

Yes I can see the settings for CodeFund and Carbon Ads.
Although, I must admit that it’s the first time I saw those settings.

You’re using an Ad Blocker?

Not for my website. And even on bowsers where I don’t have AdBlock, there also I cannot see House Ads option.