House Ads in the official Ad Plugin

Can we have a section in house ads for showing ads on the sidebar inside topics?


Just a heads up, it seems that the ad rotations aren’t evenly rotated. The first four ads (and particularly the first two) seem to consistently get significantly more impressions. With ad five and onward getting a fairly even split.

Ad 1 will get double the impressions of ad 5. Ad 5 and onward will get impressions evenly.

So for example, say you add 10 banners to all house ad slots. The first 4 assigned to the empty slot will get more impressions than any additional banners. Second slot seems to get ~75% of slot 1. Slot 3 gets ~65%, slot 4 gets ~60% and slot 5 and onward get roughly 50% of slot 1.


Ads.txt operates at the domain level. If you are running Discourse on a subdomain - e.g. - and you have a main website /, ads.txt for the entire domain should be at

I think you would only need a subdomain specific ads.txt file if the content would be different to to the main one.

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I have a suggestion about adding a similar “above header” display position.


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