House Ads in the official Ad Plugin

Can you give more context here? When you say multiple of n posts, what number? This will make it easier for us to replicate and then see if it can be resolved.

Hi @osioke and thanks for getting back to me.

For my forum, the settings look like this:

So, topics with 15 posts (or 30, 45, 60 etc) see two banners at the bottom.

That helps, but based on your settings

That is to be expected.

I can’t say this will be worked on, but as you have shared it here, it is definitely on our radar.

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Yes, I agree, this is definitely expected behaviour based on my settings.

It would just be nice to be able to tweak the behaviour slightly (ie suppress one of the banners in this scenario). Thanks for noting this new idea.


This works great, however Is there any way to track house ads impressions (built in) or click through?


There is a setting no ads for groups
It didn’t work for me previously, because I had dots in the group names. It was fixed, when I changed . to - in the group name like group-name instead


Is there a way to make this house ads plugin mobile responsive? 728 x 90 banner looks great on desktop but doesn’t shrink to fit the page on mobile…

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Yes, have a look at the Responsive Banner Ad examples that are given in this topic: House Ad Templates.

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Jesus… I feel like this is 2003. So you have to use a special html template followed by additional CSS, which goes where?

Why can’t we just upload a standard banner image and provide a destination URL like the rest of the world?

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That would’ve worked fine back in 2003. Today you have desktop and phones. If you want to have an ideal experience on both then you have to make even your advertisements responsive.

If you don’t care, then just put a banner.


The CSS can be added to either your site’s active theme, or to a theme component that you include on all of your site’s active themes.

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Hi neil,

What are the chances of this ‘ad after the first post then every N posts’ checkbox becoming a reality? Would be very useful, especially for quieter forums where some topics do not reach N posts!


I don’t understand what is going on here again.